A New Change…

Just a head’s up to all of our loyal customers wondering about the name change.  Our NibbleNOT is no more, and is now known as the Munch-N-Done.  We are excited about the change, and as we speak, it is working its’ way through the United States Patent and Trademark Office on it’s way to becoming a Registered Trademark.  You need not worry that anything but the name has changed.  These products are still all hand sewn by the owners of BackWoods Journey, LLC, Dee and Kelley.  We strive for the same great quality on each and every one of our Munch-N-Dones, and as always, Kelley is just a phone call away if you have any concerns.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, and can’t wait for you to start enjoying that ride!  We own both domain names,, and also so both old and new customers will always be able to find us.  Both domains now take you to our Munch-N-Done website.

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