Anti-Grazing Riding Muzzle for Horses

The Bug-GIT ®

Our Bug-GIT ® work with nearly any headstall, bit, hackamore, or halter bridles.

If you ride in any of the western states, or across Canada, you are probably familiar with the nasty Nose Botflies endemic to those areas. The summer of 2016 Munch-N-Done® extensively field tested our newest product, the Bug-GIT ®, and we took our field tester’s reviews seriously, and implemented changes to the design and functionality until our final product met the demands of the serious trail rider. Our Bug-GIT ® prevents insects from entering the nostrils of horses. Nasal botflies literally drive horses insane, and the last place you want to be is on your horse if one zeros in on your equine’s face. Horses will buck, rear, and bolt to get away from these nasties. Our Bug-GIT ®s work with nearly any headstall, bit, hackamore, or halter bridles. Horse can breathe, they can drink, and it is very easily stored in the tiniest of saddle bags for those rides when you either ride with a Bug-GIT® or you don’t ride at all. So… thinking about riding the great Wild West? Go prepared!

Buy this product for your animals Like the Munch-N-Done ®, it attaches to virtually any headstall, snug fitting halter, halter/bridles, hackamore or bitless bridle. It is not recommended for use with Bosals or sidepulls, as these headstalls are too loose fitting for a secure Bug-GIT ® fit. Fitting for the Bug-GIT® is identical to our Munch-N-Done® fitting. Also, all information that applies to our Munch-N-Done® also applies to our Bug-GIT®s.  You can look at sizing information and out strapping options on The Munch-N-Done® page.

Horses are entirely able to drink, have no issues with breathing through the fine mesh, and can fully open and close their mouths while wearing our product. It scrunches up really well, and can easily be stored in the smallest of pommel bags for those rides when you just simply need it.

Can the Bug-GIT ® be used as a Munch-N-Done®?

The Bug-GIT ® will prevent your horse from being able to nibble. However, we highly recommend the Munch-N-Done ® for nibbling, and the Bug-GIT® for bugs.  The Munch-N-Done ® is built with heavy weight screen mesh, and will stand up to one hard ride after another.  The Bug-GIT ® is an ultra light weight poly/fiberglass screen.  The fine mesh prevents bugs from penetrating, and also allows the horse to breathe with no issues right through the mesh.  The Bug-GIT® is designed for lighter use, and most importantly, when the bugs are bad.

Our Bug-GIT® comes in four sizes, Pony, Arab/Cob, Standard Horse Size, and Large Horse size. It is available with Universal Strapping only, and an option for an additional Nose-Band strap for an additional $2.00..

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