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A Little About the Munch-N-Done Gals

Dee, Product Designer and Fitting Guru

Dee has been an avid trail rider nearly her whole adult life.  She has ridden all over the Midwest, hauling her favorite AQHA mare, Lena, everywhere she goes.   It was actually Dee that first mentioned she wished there was a product on the market that would enable her to stop fighting with her ride on a constant basis. Lena is extremely well trained, and is a testament to Dee’s abilities as a trainer.  Her ground manners are impeccable,she  is a point and shoot trailer loader, responds to the lightest touch of rein or leg, and is literally an extension of Dee’s psyche.  However, she is a nibbler, and this has been a constant battle.  Lena has NEVER  been allowed to do this under saddle, and yet she always persisted. When a trail horse is spending all their time looking for that next nibble, you have 0% of their focus.  And before you know it, you are also the one looking for that next nibble, so you can be ready with the immediate correction, be it a tap with a crop, a bump on a rein or  with a leg, or our favorite, the “Make Em Work” form of correction. Circles, backing, speed changes etc.  That last one always goes over nicely with the friends you are riding with (not so much really).  She had had it.  And so came the birth of our Munch-N-Done™.

Kelley, Product Manager, WebMaster

Kelley has also been involved in the horse scene for nearly 30 years, the last 20 years specifically involved with two gaited breeds, the Tennessee Walking Horse, and the Racking horses.  The faster gaited the better.  Trail riding has been her greatest pleasure, but she has also done some breeding, training, and showing.  All of her horses have been flat and keg shod.  Kelley and Dee met in 2013 when a Wisconsin Trail Riders FaceBook page, Northwest Wisconsin Trail Riders, brought them together.  Kelley did an exhaustive Internet search trying to find a product already on the market, to end Dee’s battle with her nibbler.  To no avail.  There were ugly, bulky, unwieldy contraptions out there, but the last thing we wanted was my trail horse wearing something that looked like a flower pot over half her face, going on down the trail.  And on that day, Labor Day weekend, 2014, the Munch-N-Done™ was born! In our next blog you will follow us right through that process!

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