Our First Prototype

Our First Prototype

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After an exhaustive google search for riding muzzle, anti-nibbling muzzle, anti-grazing muzzle, etc, etc, we knew there was nothing on the market that was suitable.   Our First Prototype: What we found was cumbersome, hideous, ineffective, or required specific kinds of bit usage, or entirely extra strapping altogether, up and around the horse’s poll.

Our first Munch-N-Done prototype is pictured. We scrounged up some left over screen from a previous decking project in the garage, some baling twine, and a needle and thread.  Neither of us having really sewed anything in our lives, this thing was not pretty. Right away, however, we lucked out on the form of attachment.  We simply ran the twine through the ends of the headstall cheek piece, and then we rode.  And by GOLLY, we were AMAZED!  Within an hour we were fighting over who could use it. We just could not believe they gave up so QUICKLY!  After the first few snatches, they just simply stopped trying at all.

We were on to something, and one of us, who shall remain nameless, saw the potential.  We could not be the only ones out there with this issue.  And as trail riders will do, we started talking, and planning, and growing more excited by the minute.

We made phone calls, we got advice from other inventors, other business people, other horse people.  We searched for existing patents, and we contacted the small business association (SBA) for guidance.   Backwoods Journey, LLC was formed shortly thereafter.

And then began the real work.  We set about tweaking our crude design into a product that would be aesthetically pleasing, functional, and something we were proud of!  Our next blog post will show you just the gamut we ran when we started tweaking the design, and the process of extensive field testing we put each one through.