BackWoods Journey, LLC is proud to introduce our new Pack-N-Pony!

For leading, packing, or ponying, the Pack-N-Pony prevents nibbling

After speaking with several different outfitters, it became apparent to us that there is a need for a lightweight, form fitting, comfortable to wear muzzle for use on ponied horses, horses ridden with a halter, and even pack horses.  We worked many months in developing the new Pack-N-Pony™ and are thrilled to see it brought to the market.  

Our Pack-N-Pony™ is designed for those riders/trainers that enjoy putting miles on their youngsters by ponying.  The beauty of using a Pack-N-Pony™ on youngsters, prior to even breaking them to saddle, is that you are able to get them used to the situations they will encounter later, as broke trail horses.  And all  WITHOUT them having developed the bothersome habit of grabbing every tidbit within reach.  You are preventing this habit from even beginning, and they are a lot less likely to even try once they are broke.  

Our Pack-N-Pony™ is available in 4 sizes currently, the Arab/Cob size, the Standard Horse size, the Large Horse size, and the Draft Horse size.  If you are familiar with the fit of our Munch-N-Done muzzles, the fitting process is the same.  See our Munch-N-Done sizing/info page for that sizing criteria. 

These muzzles are made from polymer coated fiberglass screen for its breath-ability.  The nostrils are left uncovered, so there is no restricted air movement too and from the nostrils.  Horses are able to open their mouths, drink water,  and whinny and neigh.  Horses that tend to nibble other horses, or even people, will find their attempts unsuccessful.  There are 5 velcro straps that attach to the noseband of your halter, two under the chin on either side of the ring or knot, one on each side, coming from a D ring to get a correct angle to the side rings on your halter of the side knots on your rope halter.  And the last goes up the nose between the nostrils, ensuring a secure muzzle.   

 We do have a limited supply of inventory on hand and are currently for sale on our website.  

Pack-N-Pony Pricing

Arab/Cob                $39.99

Standard Horse     $39.99

Large Horse Size    $41.99

Draft Horse Size     $43.99

Shipping runs 3.85 First Class Package, 8.95 Priority, USA Only