When People Say “Train Your Horse.”
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When People Say “Train Your Horse.”

We feel people come up with this comment for one of many reasons. The first being, simply that they have yet to come across a real die-hard nibbler. Yes, in a lot of cases, the semi-driven nibbler can be “trained” out of this. But for those horses that are hard wired to nibble, nibbling takes precedence over all else. Their focus is on nibbling, NOT you, NOT where they are placing their feet, and NOT watching where they are going. We have all been there. The one riding down the trail, scanning far into the horizon to see what tidbit we are going to have to steer our horse around. We are watching for grass clumps, we are watching for tree branches, and we are watching for obstacles on the trail that our horse may trip over because their focus is not where it should be, on us, and on where they are placing their feet. We are the ones CONSTANTLY having the get in our horse’s mouth, we are the ones CONSTANTLY kicking, cropping, and urging our horse’s through the buffet line. Our horse becomes deadened to our pleas. We create horse’s with hard mouths, and dead sides. Why? Because I am a traditionalist, and feel this is”training?” I have nearly 40 years of horse ownership under my belt. I have trail ridden all over, I have raised babies, I have shown and competed in rail and trail events. I have trained my own horses (specializing in Tennessee Walking Horses, and Racking Horses) and I have trained horses for others. I was not born yesterday, and am not new to the horse world. My horse’s, for the most part, are dry-lot kept. This alone, already sets me up for having my horse’s diving for green (and even brown) if the opportunity even remotely presents itself.
Am I ashamed that I have decided to throw in the towel and quit the fight? Absolutely NOT! Am I ashamed to admit that I trail ride for the pleasure rather than the “training” opportunity? Absolutely NOT!
Is the Munch-N-Done™ a gimmick, or just another gadget?  No. It works. It is that simple. Two wonderful things have just occurred simultaneously, trail riding is now a pleasure, and my horse just became a better horse. I’m not fighting them every step down the trail, I am relaxed, and trail riding has now become a great stress reliever, rather than a stress inducer. My horse now watches where her feet are getting placed. She is lighter in the mouth, and much more responsive to subtle cues. So…to the non-believers, your day may come and you may find yourself with a die-hard nibbler. When you’re tired of the fight, look us up.

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  1. Sue Neidlinger

    I am hoping this works as good for my pony as it did for you! Every thing you stated above is so true. I have an IR chincoteaque/haflinger cross, and have tried every kind of training I know, but as her IR has gotten worse in the past year, I am fighting even more then ever. Looking forward to my NibbleNot arriving!!

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