I’ve been using it for a few weeks now… I’m still in love! No more fighting her on the trail! I can ride her through the tallest grass without her even trying to nibble! Munch-N-Done is amazing! Thank you!!! After just one ride on my quarter horse/Percheron mare, who I have been fighting to train the grass grabbing out of for two years, I’m sold! I was incredibly happy when she reached for grass and kept walking!!!
Submitted By Heather


My boy is super insulin resistant! I went to a trail obstacle challenge on grass! I did halter and riding and love my nibble not!!
Submitted by Janine


I have ridden my Icelandic only twice wearing his “intimate apparel” and now he rarely tries to grab bites even though he’s not wearing it! It really worked in training him not to try and snatch bites on our rides! Love It!
Submitted by Ritambhara


Can I just say thank you for our Munch-N-Done nose net. Archie is a strong cob and I was struggling to keep him out of the grass. It was affecting our choice of rides and causing stress. We have been out twice now since getting the net and it’s been peaceful and a lot less stress. Archie is a clever pony and would use the opportunity of walkers, cyclists, cars passing to take a dive for the grass. I was at the end of my tether and it was getting dangerous. It’s made a huge difference and we are safer, as are walkers and cyclists. Thank you very much!
Submitted by Naomi


Thought I would say how brilliant the Munch-N-Done is!! I can now ask for a long stretch on the buckle at any time. And it has completely and easily stopped all that annoying snack snatching. I put the attached picture of my 3 Highlands on the Highland Pony Face Book Page and so many people were asking about it. I think you may have a couple heading out to Scotland/England in the next few days.!! Mine is currently being worn by Crannog on the left and I’m just waiting for the other ones I ordered to arrive-it’ll be going on Archie (on the right) . A totally fab product-I love how easy it is to use and how readily accepted it is by the Highland ponies-who were born to munch!! Thanks millions!
Submitted by Hazel, Scotland


Tried this out this past weekend. I’ve used it twice and boy, does it do the trick! Very easy to use. Such a nice ride not having to get in her mouth to pull her out of the green. No trouble in the streams trying to drink water. There was no adjustment for her with it, it did not bother her in the least.
Submitted by Teri C. of Tennessee


I love the Munch-N-Done I got for our haflinger cross pony, Strawberry! You were so helpful on the phone and I ended up receiving just the right size and type for her. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet with my 5 year old grand daughter riding, but am sending a picture of the pony free lunging. Before the Munch-N-Done I couldn’t even lunge her on a line as she always wanted to put her head down. She has laminitic tendencies and needs to be kept on a dry lot, so grass is VERY tempting. No problems at all with the Munch-N-Done! Just a great product and I love that she can still breathe and drink with it. I will certainly be recommending these to my friends!
Submitted by Jodi, of New York


Love the Munch-N-Done! My husbands mare has been so bad about eating on the trail it was getting to the point where it wasn’t fun any more. Thank you for the great product and the fast delivery!
Submitted by Lilli, of Washington


I received my Munch-N-Done and used it on my gelding. He tried to take about three snacks before he gave up. I had a very pleasant ride! Thank you very much for a great product!
Submitted by Vicki J.


I use this product on both my horses. One is much more forceful with his grazing than the other but they are both deterred almost immediately. The thing I like best though is that they are able to drink with them on.
Submitted by Audi R, of Wisconsin


We just returned from our first ride with our new Munch-N-Dones and we are very impressed. Both horses adjusted to it very quickly and it made our ride in the tall grass much more enjoyable. Thank you for such a great product!
Submitted by Tammy D.


Best piece of tack since the bit!
Submitted by Scharlotte of Texas


I got mine and tried it out last weekend and it does work. She does not mind wearing it at all. Wish I would have gotten it years ago.
Submitted by Julie F.


They are very light weight and not restrictive in any way. The horses really don’t mind wearing it. They can yawn and drink water. I am speaking as a happy customer. I use them for my dude string horses. No longer are people letting letting my horses eat grass and then having to pull their heads up. My horses are better for it.
Submitted by Holly H.


Works perfectly. They don’t mind it after about the first 10 minutes and can drink just fine. Perfect for little kids that can’t win the battle.
Submitted by Terry J.


This works very well. He was so bad at trail nibbling he would trip all the time. And yes, I worked with him for a long time. I corrected several bad habits that he had but this one I just couldn’t break him from it. It will make my summer riding so much better and neither one of us will get hurt.
Submitted by Barbara S.


And YES, works on Donkeys and Mules as Well!
Thought you might like this pic from Sunday of my husband, out for a carefree Munch-N-Done ride on his saddle donkey, Hank!
Submitted by Wendy B.