Moving Forward…

Moving Forward…

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Now came the fun part.  Experimenting with various materials and design.  We worked with neoprene materials, all weights of screen mesh, poly and nylon webbing, different types of velcro, three different types of elastic, hardware in the form on snaps, rings and buckles.  Every week we narrowed it down further than the last.  And during the entire process, we were field testing it out on the trails.  Every tweak we made to the design still had to do it’s job in the field, and simply prevent your horse from browsing the endless buffet lines.  It was paramount to us as well, that the horses be able to drink freely.

In the end, we settled on our current design.  We choose the most durable materials we had tested, and believe me, we tested EVERYTHING!  And in the meantime, we bought sewing machines.  Neither of us ever having sewn before, we took a crash course and LEARNED.  We submitted the initial paperwork for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and we also registered our trademark, NibbleNOT, with the USPTO.  With the birth of the NibbleNOT came also the birth of a small American dream.

To this date, we still sew each and every NibbleNOT (now called Munch-N-Done™) right here in the state of Wisconsin.  We ship to 8 different countries, and have introduced new products to our shop.  Our Munch-N-Done™ under full patent protection.

This has been a wonderful journey for both of us, and we are enjoying every second.  It is such a pleasure to see our products out there on the trails, all over the country, and to know not only have we put the pleasure back in our ride, but thousands of other rides as well.

Happy Trails!  The NibbleNOT Gals.