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Tick Em Off

BackWoods Journey, LLC introduces the new patent pending Tick Em Off™

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How It Works

The new Tick Em Off™ is a tool that every trailrider should consider having along while out on the trail. Our specialized, dye sublimated 2 1/4″ by 2 1/4″ durable aluminum card comes with its own carabiner for attachment to any saddle. The thin rubberized edge slides freshly attached ticks from your horses coat, and there is no need to even touch the nasty things any more.


We developed this product out of desperation. We are avid trail-riders and ride the Midwest extensively. Some areas are so thick with ticks we could spend nearly hours picking them off our horses after a ride. It is a proven fact that the longer a tick stays attached, the greater the likelihood of disease transmission.

One of our horses contracted Anaplasmosis, and very nearly could have suffered long lasting effects, if she had survived, were it not for a veterinarians quick action in treatment. These diseases are nothing to mess with. Lyme disease can be a chronic, career ender for afflicted horses. Our product is an effective tool for quick, easy removal of dog ticks, deer ticks (black legged) , and lonestar ticks. Ticks carry Lyme’s disease and Anaplasmosis, both of which can be transmitted to your horse from the bite of an infected tick.

Tick Em Off™ enables you to no longer have to touch these nasty creatures. Simply slide them off, and remove the horse from that area. For engorged ticks that have been attached for some time, we recommend using tweezers, grabbing them at the head, and gently pulling them out backwards.

How to Use the Tick Em Off™

We recommend checking at least every couple of hours while out on the trail. The longer ticks are attached, the harder it becomes to easily slide them off. The most effective way to apply the Tick Em Off™ is to locate the tick with your fingers or the edge of the Tick Em Off™, simply lift and hold the hair above the ticks head up and away from the tick, and from just above the tick’s head, apply downward pressure and slide the tick down and out. Ticks that are attached really hard and fast may take a couple extra runs to loosen them up to the point they slide out. If you are not disposing of the ticks onto the tape of a lint roller or into a vial of rubbing alcohol, simply remove your horse from that area immediately after removing ticks.

Where to Look for Ticks on your Horse

Ticks tend to latch on to your horse on the heel bulb and under the fetlock joint. The inside of the front cannon bones in the depressions along the tendons, the coronary band, and the backside of the knee.

How Much Does the Tick Em Off™ Cost?

We are new to the market, and this patent pending product is being offered for 15.99 plus shipping. We will soon be offering whole sale discounts, and if you are interested in carrying our products, please contact our product manager at 715-466-2242, or email Kelley at tickemoff@gmail.

Tick Em Off™ and Saddle ID Card Combo

We offer three different western stock designs, all created for us by artist Lisa Carey-Braun. Your custom information will be superimposed over the design of your choice and printed on the other side of your Tick Em Off. Below are the options that will be available. These cards cost 19.99/each and includes the set up fee. There are no minimum order sizes. Choose your design by name (below )in the drop down menu when ordering, and of course, do not upload a photo unless you are ordering our custom photo ID Combo card.

Tick Em Off™ and Custom Photo Saddle ID

We are also offering our customers completely custom Saddle ID tags with your horse’s actual photograph, or any photograph of your choosing, printed on the backside of your Tick Em Off™. Simply choose “Custom Photo” in the drop down menu when ordering a combo tag, and then upload your photo. Keep in mind if a low quality, low resolution photo is sent, the same will be printed on your card. We may do some cropping in our set up to best utilize the space we are creating on your card. Custom Photo Saddle ID runs 24.99 per card. Includes set up and also, no minimum order.

You are allowed up to three lines of your own text, but also keep in mind, less is sometimes better, and the longer the string of text, the smaller it will be on your tag. You are trying to protect your horse in the event it is separated from you, so a phone number may be all that is necessary. If too much text is requested, it can also clutter the card and make your photos or stock design crowded and covered in some areas.

How to Take A Great Photo

We want to create an ID tag that you are proud to display. Spending a little time taking your photos is worth every second. Pick an area with a scenic backdrop. Grass fields, trees,or anything natural. What detracts from a photo are fences, buildings, poorly fitting tack, people, other horses, etc. You want those ears up, much easier said than done. Ideally, there is a person taking the photo, a person holding the horse, and a third person doing whatever it takes to get those ears up and forward. A few props that usually work well, rattling grain in a bucket, a plastic bag on the end of a lunge whip, or even just leading their favorite buddy horse away from them. Send photos that are not cropped. And try to resist the urge to clutter your card with excessive text. You are allowed up to three lines of information, but do you need it all? You simply want your horse returned to you as swiftly as possible should you get separated. That is the sole purpose of these ID tags. What is the info that will make that happen?

∗∗∗ Please note when ordering Tick Em Off™ ID Tag Combos, you must first add the product to your cart, then view the product within the cart to add (upload) your custom photos and lines of text.

Returns or Refunds

Please Note, there are no returns or refunds on custom Tick Em Off™ ID card Combos, unless there has been a mistake from our end. Our standard Tick Em Off™ with no custom graphics is fully refundable for 30 days from purchase, simply return to us in good condition and we will refund you the purchase price minus shipping.

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